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SuperCharge AllRounder MRV70L Deep Cycle

SuperCharge AllRounder MRV70L Deep Cycle

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SuperCharge Batteries offer longer life, more power and performance with maximum durability and reliability.

Deep Cycle batteries are designed to be regularly deeply discharged using most of its capacity time after time and the plates are much thicker compared to the starting battery. Deep cycle lead acid flooded batteries usually have approx. 3% antimony lead alloy thus increasing the cycling capacity.


AllRounder batteries bridge the gap between starting and deep cycle giving the best of both worlds.

Nominal Voltage: 12 Volts
CCA @ -18°C: 760 CCA
Marine CCA: N/A CCA
RC @ 25°C 160
Amp Hours: 105 AH
Post Type: DST
Warranty: 24 Months

Product Length: 304 MM
Product Width: 173 MM
Product Height: 203 MM
Total Height: 224 MM
Weight: 23.7 KG

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