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Amptech 120 Amphour AGM Battery

Amptech 120 Amphour AGM Battery

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Amptech 120 Amphour AGM Battery


Nominal Voltage 12V

Rated Capacity 120AH


Height 220mm

Length 330mm

Width 174mm

Weight Approx. 31.40kg


Maintenance Free - Sealed Deep Cycle AGM Batteries

Deep Cycle batteries are designed to be regularly deeply discharged using most of its capacity time after time and the plates are much thicker compared to the starting battery. Deep cycle lead acid flooded batteries usually have approx. 3% antimony lead alloy thus increasing the cycling capacity.

Deep cycle absorbed glass mat batteries are still lead acid batteries but are sealed instead of vented. They are sealed with rubber valve that releases excess pressure during charging. The electrolyte is held captive in a fiber glass mat that cannot be spilled. This glass mat also provided pockets that assist in the recombination of Hydrogen and Oxygen gasses( that are generated during charging) back into water.

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